Upload Pop-Banner graphic files.

These banner graphic files are uploaded to the Pops inventory area on our server from the members local computer.
We suggest that a folder with a name similar to: /WDM-Pop-Banners / be used to store your banners on the local computer. Always apply your company name as the first part of the file name so it will not be lost in our system.

We have limits, displayed at posting and upload area, for maximum banner dimensional size and file size.

Click Browse, navigate to your local computer Pop-Banner file location.
Highlight file to be uploaded.
"Add Pop" at bottom of light gray area to upload file.

Your Pop-Banners will all be displayed in your Pop inventory.  See WIA and WDM policy about graphics and banners.

Animated banners you create for uploading can be big, up to - 300 x 125. You will received a notification and suggestion if the banner you're attempting to upload is dimensionally too large or if the file size exceeds our limits.

Some suggestions:
If border is wanted, start graphic at dimension smaller than the borders total. If 1 pixels borders are to be added or included to the graphic, make the graphic width and height smaller by 2 pixels.
Example: 184 x 33 instead of 186 x 35. When borders are added the size will be correct.
Example: 298 x 123 instead of 300 x 125. When borders are added the size will be correct.

After creating the .gif graphic with 256 colors, and it ends up exceeding our file size limit of 395kb, try reducing the colors to reduce file size, maybe down to 16 or fewer.

Avoid non-tasteful animated graphics. Irritating quick-flashing graphics are to be avoided. All graphics are subject to our policy .